Cloud Computing brings the following benefits for organisations:

  • Focus on business value Increase in focus on solving business problems instead of managing infrastructure
  • Organsiational Agility Innovation and development cycles are sped up making the organisation more response to change and disruption. Fast provisioning of services enabling experimentation without large up-front costs
  • Resource Efficiency Only pay for what you use, scaling up and down as business needs change increases efficiency, but does not necessarily reduce costs
  • High-level Architecture the leading Cloud platforms offer consumable high-level services and capabilities around running code, artificial intelligence, queues, databses etc. These provide a set of bigger lego building blocks for creating new business value
  • Immutable infrastructure The ability to create clean repeatable environments for testing and deployment
  • Automation Automation of build, configuration, deployment, scaling and support via APIs
  • Compliance The automation of infrastructure, means that changes to assets and data (intended or otherwise) are all logged improving security and compliance.
  • Democratisation of Infrastructure Democratisation of large scale infrastructure as individuals can provision the sort of large scale resources that used to be only availabe to large enterprises
  • Democratisation of Innovation Democratisation of vendors innovations in areas such as machine learning, analytics, automation, artificial intelligence etc.
  • Reduction in complexity For large enterprises adoption of public cloud means a reduction in 2nd order complexity and costs of managing datacentres, cooling, safety etc.
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